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What comes around, goes around, especially when it comes to clothing. Infact, most people who study fashion say that trends recycle and become popular again every 20 years. And, it seems they’re right; at least for the latest trend - ripped denim! The pants you’re parents loved to hate are officially cool again. While ripping holes in perfectly good jeans may bewilder some, hole-y jeans are an ‘it’ item for Spring. We’re all for the trend, but it can seem absurd to pay a lot for pants with holes in them. So, we’ve created a do-it-yourself project to make your own ripped denim! The best part is you can use old jeans you already have. Win-win!

Spring Denim Trends 2015: DIY Ripped Jeans

Denim Jeans on a Pile (Image via Handmade by Clairbear)

1) Recycle Your Jeans

Find a pair of your old skinny jeans or baggy boyfriend jeans  (both are great fits for the ripped denim look).  Wash them and prep for destruction! :)


2) Optional Step: Bleach/Dye Jeans

If you’re looking to create a statement, try bleaching and/or dying your jeans first. To bleach your jeans you’ll need the following items:

Denim Shorts Getting Bleached (Image via Dearest Jack Daw)

  • 1 large bucket
  • 1 bottle of bleach
  • 1 measuring cup
  • 1 pair of rubber gloves
  • 2 rubber bands
  • water
  • dark denim

To bleach your pants, first scrunch the jeans into a ball and secure with rubber bands. Next, mix 1 part bleach to 4 parts water in your large bucket. Place jeans in the bucket and keep adding bleach and water until jeans are fully submerged. Finally, simply wait and let the bleach do its trick! Check on jeans every 30 minutes, pull out when they’re the desired color.

Denim Getting Distressed (Image via nincek.wordpress.com)

3) Distress Denim

The last step is probably the most fun, distress your denim! Go to town on them, have a blast cutting holes and creating a worn look. Before you start, need the following tools:

  • 1 pen
  • 1 razor blade or exacto knife
  • 1 piece of sandpaper
  • 1 shaving razor

Use the pen to mark sections in your jeans where you would like to add distress. Think of areas where natural wear occurs i.e. knees, pant legs, pockets. Once you have your marks down, use the exacto knife or razor blade to cut horizontal slits in the pants.

Try using different techniques of cutting; one time cutting all the way through and another cutting halfway through the jeans. Varying techniques will give the jeans a more natural worn look.

Women Wearing Denim Jeans (Image via Tumblr)

Use sandpaper and shaving razor to add texture to the pants without creating a hole. Repeat and keep creating stress marks until you’re satisfied with the look. Then wash and dry the jeans twice - this gives the jeans a natural worn look and helps the cuts look more natural.

Viola! DIY ripped jeans perfect for keeping current with Spring Denim Trends for 2015!

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