Today's Show Mommy Makeover Before and After Pictures 64 Year Old Maryann Polhemus receives her 3rd haircut EVER courtesy of The Today Show!

Feeling beautiful is something that we strive for daily. On our greatest of days our hair looks flawless, our makeup helps us glow and we have an unmistakable air of confidence about us. On the other hand, our lowest of days can leave us with mangled manes and blemishes we fear a small aircraft may try to land on. Of course this is truly only in our minds. Our day to day selves remain as beautiful as they were the day before. We wake up on the wrong side of the bed and no matter what we do we can't seem to get it right. We've all been there...the good, the bad and the ugly. Every woman deserves to feel like she's a Queen every day of course, but what if you were given the chance to change it all in a matter of hours? Would you take the chance to receive a stunning makeover?

Recently, while catching up on my daily TV routine, I saw that the Today Show had done some stunning makeovers for a few lovely women in the audience who had shown up with hopes of seeing Jimmy Buffet perform, but left with a new wardrobe, some styling tips and a whole bunch of confidence. The makeovers were surprising and the reaction of their friends and family were as well. Haircuts and a little eyeshadow take these women from from regular Jane's to stunning fame on the show. One woman's husband even vows to to up the romance from now on. This not only impacted the lives of the actual people being made over, but certainly all those  who see them regularly.

Today's Show Mommy Makeover Before and After Pictures Rita Taylor received this stunning makeover courtesy of TODAY!

I think honestly makeovers come full circle regardless of what you do to make yourself feel beautiful whether it be on the inside or out, and this makes those around us feel just as confident to be with us and be themselves as well. Superficially we should feel as though makeup and a designer dress are the rule of confidence, but to sing the praises of our natural beauty, our natural curves and embrace our  imperfections will help our confidence far outlast anything a new pair of heels can give us. So with this I challenge you to find a happy balance between inner and outer beauty regimens and encourage the same for your loved ones. If a new haircut goes a long way, then so does buying a new book that feeds your soul. I love what the TODAY show has done for these women who are already beautiful inside as well.