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7 Best Summer Face Skincare Tips

Summer is approaching and with fun days in the sun planned, sun burns may come with it. Your face is the piece of your body that has the most sun exposure every day. Everyone knows you should apply sun screen but there are lots of other tips to help keep your skin cool, moisturized, and protected from the sun. Check out our Summer Face Skincare Tips to keep your first skin glowing and healthy this summer.

Wake up, Sunscreen On

Would your answer be every morning if someone asked you when you apply sunscreen to your face? It should be! Driving to work, sitting by windows,  and walking to a coffee shop all expose you to the suns UV rays. Your first step everyday and especially during the summer is to cleanse your face then apply a strong sunscreen. Make sure you are getting product that is specifically meant for your face. Generic sunscreens meant for your body can lead to breakouts and dryness.

Woman Sitting on a Rock Wearing Hapari Twist Tankini Top while Hapari Makeup Artist Preps her Lips

HAPARI Makeup Artist Prepping Model's Lips with SPF During Photoshoot

Protect Your Pout

Most people apply sunscreen to their entire face but forget to apply on their lips! While slathering your sunscreen on your lips isn't the best tip, finding a lip balm with SPF to use through out the day is! To protect your pout from the suns drying rays, try out Supergoop! Acai Fusion Lip Balm Broad Spectrum SPF 30. This will help keep your lips moisturized, is all natural, and in a small tube that can be easily taken with you wherever you go. Try this out alone or under your favorite summer lip color like we do for our photoshoots!

Keep It Cool

Overheating is one of the most dangerous parts of summer. You can easily tell if you are getting too hot by your skin on your face turning red. To combat this, we always pack a facial mist to take with us to every beach or pool day. Found at any makeup store, these Evian Mineral Water Facial Sprays help restore cool and give you a mini refreshing facial. Evian also removes harmful ocean water, pool water chlorine, and perspiration salt from your skin. For an added bonus to this Summer Face Skincare Tips, pop it in your ice cooler for an extra refreshing kick!

Powder Your Nose

 Ever feel the need to reapply sunscreen but do not want to mess up your makeup? This is every girls struggle! Thankfully this next product solves that problem. To reapply sunscreen over your makeup and still have a flawless look, try Colorscience's Sunforgettable Sheer Matte Brush-on Suncsreen that comes in SPF 30 or 50. The powder in this brush comes in 5 different shades to match your skin tone and gives you another layer of protection from the sun without having to get your hands dirty with suntan lotion. Its also packed in a handy tube that is perfect for throwing in your bag and using through out the day!

Fake It

Woman Grabbing an Umbrella Wearing a Hapari Black V-neck Tankini Top and Black Regular Bikini BottomGet the HAPARI model tan even when you're in the shade with our "Fake It" skincare tip!

While summer beauty magazines are showing bronzed babes all over their covers, many of them are faking that bronzed glow, and you can too! Try a tinted moisturizer a shade darker than your normal color instead of spending hours trying to get a tan by laying out in the sun exposed to UV rays. A cult favorite is definitely Laura Mercier's Oil Free Tinted Moisturizer that also comes with SPF 20. If you're interested in getting the bronzed glow for your body, check out our previous blog post on how to create a DIY 3-Step Self Tanner.

 Dress Up Your H2O

Hot temperatures of the summer can lead dehydration effecting the quality of your skin but also your overall health! Make sure you are drinking lots of water each day. To make drinking loads of water a little easier , we love creating “Spa Water”! Just add cucumbers, mint leaves, and fresh fruit to your water bottles, its that simple. It gives you a refreshing feeling through out the day and definitely makes water consumption more fun.

Mad Hatter

Woman Skipping on The Beach Wearing HAPARI Mesh Hat, Melbourne Tank Tankini Top and Black Bikini Bottom

The easiest of our Summer Face Skincare Tips is to get your face out of the sun by wearing a hat! We have created a mesh trucker style hat that will perfectly match your favorite HAPARI swimsuit. Wear our HAPARI Mesh Hat to protect your face from direct sunlight while you are at the beach or pool.

Have any other Summer Face Skincare Tips we should include to our list? Let us know! To stay up to date with HAPARI's new releases, giveaways, and more, check out our Facebook and Instagram pages.

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