Talking with Tasha

In part 3 of our three-part "Talking with Tasha" series, Tasha dishes on online shopping tips, advice on how to make your swimwear last longer and what not to do while surfing in a tankini!

Video Transcript What are the advantages of shopping for swimwear online? Most women are so scared to order swimwear online. They are just worried they can't return it or something like that. So always check out someone's return policy when you are ordering online. Hapari's is really great. Order a bunch of swimsuits and see which ones you like the best. Going into a dressing room is really difficult because the lighting is never going to make you look good. And for me, having a sales lady follow me around all over the place is not only annoying, but often times stores don't actually stock swimwear during the fall and winter months. So a lot of times when you are getting ready for a vacation, the stores aren't going to have all the sizes, and you end up cramming yourself into a size that doesn't really fit. When you shop online, you can order a bunch of different sizes, a bunch of different styles, a bunch of different colors. Try them on in your own home and send back the ones you don't want.

How do you find the perfect swimsuit? The most important thing is to find a silhouette or a style that you feel confident and you feel good in. And then go with that, and buy different prints in that style. But also, get outside of your comfort zone a little bit and try some different styles that you might not necessarily think would look good on you, because you'll be surprised!

Do you have any tips for making swimwear last longer? Definitely don't dry it. A lot of times I just hand wash and line dry. Also, the trend of swimming pools becoming saline and salt really helps with the longevity of the fabric. The chemicals just become so harsh; chlorine is really the most damaging thing to any fabric.

Do you have any swimwear malfunction stories? I was surfing in Cabo with my sister, and I had taken a lesson. I had on one of their rash guards. And the water was freezing. I rode the wave in, and I was super excited. There happened to be a bunch of tourists on the beach. I took my shirt off over my head, and it was so cold I didn't realize that my bikini had come off with the shirt! So needless to say, it was funny at least to everyone else!