In part 1 of our three-part "Talking with Tasha" series, we talk  swimwear trends, industry sizing secrets and creative inspiration with Tasha Curry, Hapari's team lead for production and design.

Video Transcript How has swimwear changed in your lifetime? Growing up I don't ever remember seeing or wearing tankinis, and I definitely don't remember my mom wearing a tankini. So I think that has been a huge trend in the last five or six years. And also, more full-coverage. When I was younger, it was less is more.It was the baby oil and sun, but people these days are more aware of skin cancer and really wanting to cover up more. So, I definitely see the tankinis and one-pieces starting to trend a bit more.

What would you say to women who think everything is designed and cut for a bikini model? I would say you're right. They generally and typically are cut for a bikini model. They are designed based off of a junior sizing scale, so you generally have to size up if you're a real-sized woman. And I think that becomes very frustrating for women. I think with Hapari, that's what's nice for a lot of women. They love that our suits actually fit. They can wear their real size. If you're a size 8, you don't have to go to a size 14. You can wear a size 8, and that's really refreshing.

Who and what shapes your fashion and design? I love Tori Birch. I think she's amazing. I love her designs. She gets a lot of her ideas from different countries. I started traveling at a very young age, so I think travel and different cultures is huge for me. I also have three boys, so that definitely keeps me grounded as far as a good, functional, athletic fit. And also having people in and out of our home from different cultures and countries definitely influences prints, colors and fit.