Can I just say, we have the most loyal, amazing, smart, sassy, wonderful Facebook fans on the internet! Seriously, you guys rock. We just hit 50,000 Facebook fans– 50,000! I say, lets try for 100,000 and see what kind of trip giveaway we can come up with, or just maybe I can talk the rest of the team into giving away a car (hint hint). That would be splendid.

Sometimes, as I am looking over our Facebook fans and the comments that people leave on our blog or product pages I will sort of get lost in perusing Facebook. I occasionally want to know what you all look like and what goes on in your lives. It is unbelievable the strength I find in so many of our strong Facebook moms. You inspire me and make me want to keep creating things that make you/us all feel good.

Speaking of feeling good…I was at a spin class this morning 5:30am (ouch), gearing up for my Doritios and 7 layer bean dip for Superbowl Sunday, and a very unpleasant woman told me I had stolen her bike. What the freak? Really? I STOLE your bike? Had the bike not been stationery I would have ran her over but I knew that I would have to be accountable for my actions so I simply smiled and ignored her. I ignored her not because that is what I typically do but because I know there are more important things in life than the position of a spin bike at a 5:30am spin class.

There is right?

Spin Class

I wanted to tell her so many things in that moment…that life is short, that I have Facebook followers that are taking on HUGE challenges in life right now at this very moment that would make this petty conversation a childish grade school teaching lesson. I wish she could know you because if she did she would just be happy…happy to be here, happy to contribute to society, and happy to be alive. I kept my mouth shut because I know whatever is really going on in her life is probably WAY bigger than me.

There is a company called  Matilda Jane … have you heard of them? I love to read their blog. One of the owners has been winning the fight against cancer. She has small children, boys, like me, and every time she posts I am enlightened by her words sometimes sad and completely overwhelming but it really makes me appreciate ordinary, every day things. Here is a recent example of what I mean - a quote from Matilda Jane blog, “I think of me and I think RIDICULOUS. Chin up, and remember if cancer had not entered my life I’d be working 80 hours, seven days a week. I’d be telling my boys for the umpteen times “just a minute” as I answer my phone. RIDICULOUS. I love the new me and if it is cancer and bone pain that made it this way, then I need to fluff up my bed and be thankful I’ve got everything around me pushing me forward and watching and cheering and praying for this cancer to get out of me. And it is working. It really is.”

I really hope it is! Denise, if you ever come to our blog, I hope you WIN! I am praying for you and love all the amazing things you do. Your boys are proud – I am certain of it. I feel so lucky to have stumbled upon Denise and her blog and her company. I don’t have a little girl (that is a whole other blog post) so I don’t shop at Matilda but I love her words and her creativity. So, Thank You.

If I could give the woman in spin class a gift – I would give her your words, as they are…

Profound. Simple. True. Heartfelt

Here are a few of our amazing Facebook fans…

Hapari Facebook Fans

I want to feature you, our customers, and tell your stories. If you are reading this and have an inspiring story about you or someone close to you, please comment or send me an email:


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