As I've grown into the master chef I am today I've found just as much joy in purchasing new kitchen accessories as I have in trying new recipes. Just like the man in your life loves buying a new hardware tool he just has to have for the project he's working on. Soon you've got a garage, I mean kitchen, filled with things you've barely used once and spent quite a bit of money on. Well, I try to not let my love of kitchenware get out of control, but sometimes there's just some things that are worth the money such as a "Salt Pig" or "Wood Butter".  Indulge in the ultimate kitchenware fantasy, and find a new "must-have" item for your palace today! Here are a few items to get the rolling-pins turning!

The Salt Pig

The "Salt Pig", Typically $10-$15

What is this?! Well, after seeing this pop up in a trendy home magazine I found myself googling what the heck this thing is and why the heck would I need it?! It turns out that it's quite helpful in keeping salt in perfect condition for the optimal taste and lifespan of your salt. Prevents salt from clumping, keeps dust and debris out and is easy to access while cooking because there is no lid. Invented in 1850, this item is often ceramic and got it's name from the opening looking like the snout of a pig. Go figure!

The Clay Baker

The "Clay Baker", Typically $35 - $55

This is news to me...a Clay Baker? Well, after I saw this I just had to investigate. This goes back to the original stoneware designed to improve the flavors of the meet and can even be traced back to Roman origins! This cookware can be used to effortlessly infuse your dishes (usually great for meat or select vegetables) with moisture. A chicken roast is the optimal meal choice for this Clay Baker, but watch out, flavors tend to infuse themselves into the clay so if you're making a one-time curry dish (a super delicious, but strong spice) you'll be tasting that curry in almost every meal you cook thereafter in this pot because it is absorbs strong flavors. This is known for it's ease of cooking and will make every meal fantastic once you get used to this new kitchen accessory!

Butter Wood Conditioner

Butter Wood Conditioner, Typically $5-$15

I love my large wooden cutting board. It has been with me through thick and thin! I use it to work the homemade dough for my bread and chopping some of my favorite spices, but I never show it the love that it has always shown me. It is old, chipped and cracked on the sides, but had I known that it needed a special treatment like this Butter Wood Conditioner I would have done it from day one! The conditioner is totally safe for use with all your food items and prevents your favorite cutting board from cracking and deteriorating. You cover the board, let it sit for 30 minutes and then wipe off the excess conditioner with a lint-free cloth and you've got a board that looks as good as new!

The Cheese Keeper

The "Cheese Keeper", Typically $10-$20

Why on earth would one need a cheese keeper? Why wouldn't you is the real question! If you love cheese as much as I do, but find you have a hard time getting to that Gouda before it spoils, then this is the investment for you! This item works hard in your refridgerator to ensure the longevity of the cheese by regulating the moisture around it to keep form drying out! Just place this item into the container alongside your cheese and let it work hard to keep you rolling in the cheddar!

The Garlic Rocker

The "Garlic Rocker", Typically $10-$20

Last, but not least, why not find a more convenient way to do a mundane task to make it more exciting? This garlic rocker is great because you place it on top of the garlic, rock it back and forth and then cradles the garlic like a spoon to take it over to your pot for cooking. So simple, yet fun and functional for your kitchen!

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