Woman Wearing Hapari Regular Bikini Bottom

Square-cut or pear-shaped, HAPARI ladies come in all shapes! Celebrate the season with swim bottoms from the Summer 16 Swimwear Collection! From tankini and bikini tops (and the all-new midkini) to our Tummy Tuk Swim Bottoms, our latest collection has something for everyone! We know you’re going to love it!

Our swim separates are designed to fit every body type; so, whether you’re rocking curves or rocking a straight figure, we’ve specifically and thoughtfully created a swimsuit that will flatter your specific shape. Everything about our swimwear - the  cut, patterns, colors, etc — have been carefully curated to be the best on the market; that’s how we know you’re going to love your HAPARI Swimwear.

Today, we’re sharing a HAPARI Swim Guide to picking The Best Swim Bottoms for Your Shape! Now you can easily select the best swim bottoms for your new summer suit.

Woman Wearing Hapari White Tummy Tuk Swim Bottom

Swim Bottoms for Hourglass Figures

For all of our ladies with va-va-voom curves, welcome to HAPARI! We have a swimsuit that you’ll look fabulous in this summer. Our guide to summer swim bottoms is designed to help you select the bottoms that make you feel the most confident. Use it just as it’s intended — as a guide! If you find a swim bottom that you like better, get it girl! Rock whatever style you like best! For those looking for some advice and help, we’ve got you covered!

Hourglass Figures look especially fantastic in our retro, 50s inspired Tummy Tuk™ Swim Bottoms. These revolutionary bottoms feature a high waist band designed to accentuate curves without pinching or creating the dreaded “muffin top.” The Tummy Tuk™ design option comes in the traditional bikini-style swim bottoms as well as shorts!


Woman Wearing Hapari Navy Drawstring Swim Skirt with Bottom

Swim Bottoms for Apple-Shaped Figures

Apple-Shaped figures tend to carry their weight in the midsection. For ladies with this body shape, we’re excited to help you find the perfect suit for your body! Apple-shaped ladies look especially great in our HAPARI swim skirts. Our cover-up swim skirts and skirted bottoms are designed to help create curves in the bottom half of the body to help balance out the top. They’re also great for accentuating waist lines. For any of our HAPARI customers wanting a bit more coverage, the HAPARI swim skirts are a great choice.


Woman Wearing Hapari White Boy Short Swim Bottom

Pear-Shaped Figures

For all my ladies with full hips and thighs, your pear-shaped body is a beauty, and we’d love to dress you in our HAPARI swimwear. We have a suit that would be perfect for you! Pear-shaped figures look especially fantastic in HAPARI boy shorts! These swim bottoms are designed to give your shape a full coverage and comfortable look. The boy shorts feature a flattering square cut that will help minimize attention to your hips and help create a balanced figure. Plus they’re incredibly comfortable!


Woman Wearing Hapari Tie String Bikini

Straight Figures

For our straight-figured/athletic ladies, we’ve got the perfect swim bottoms to help you create natural curves. Our bikini-style tie string bikini options are great for straight figures! This swim bottom styles features a high leg line to help accentuate your curves. Bonus with this suit: you can tie the bottoms as tight or as loose as you’d like for a truly individualized fit.

For HAPARI ladies looking for added curves up top, no matter what body size, try our Illusions™ breast-enhancing Silicone Inserts. Nearly all of our swimsuits are designed with a sewn-in pocket to fit Illusions. It’s a win-win!

If you haven’t checked out the new collection it’s time to get movin’! You can shop all the new pieces from HAPARI.com.

For more posts like this, check out the HAPARI Blog. We’re like your favorite lifestyle blog, but better - mostly because we follow the HAPARI code of creating quality content you want to read. See you there!

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