It’s a new year, which brings a new collection of 2013 Hapari suits! This year we gave it our all to give you your all in each suit.

In addition to adding new prints to styles that have proved comfortable, supportive, and flattering, we have added a couple new styles that we hope will blow you away and land you on a beach, looking fabulous in your new Hapari suit.


One of our favorite new designs is our Drawstring Tankini. It’s got the support of our traditional Tankinis & Bikinis, but has the option to pull down into a dress for when you want a little more coverage; great for the beach and the snackbar. The length is not the only thing you can change to fit your mood, the tankini also comes with the signature three-way strap styling so you don’t get stuck with one tan line. You can sport a halter, a criss-cross or a tank, and depending on how you’re feeling pull the neckline higher or cinch it lower. And you can pair it with any bottoms you want.

Woman Posing Wearing Hapari Drawstring Tankini

We love this trendy asymmetrical style. Without compromising on support, the one shoulder strap brings a new element to a classy swimsuit, not to mention looks fabulous on. This modest tankini comes with a removable second strap, if you need that extra boost or just like the look. It is featured in a range of prints, which means you can pair it with a swim skirt bottom and be the belle of the beach or go for our Tummy Tuk bottoms and rock the fit, sporty style. The beach is your oyster.

Woman Posing Wearing Hapari One Shoulder Strap Tankini Top and Swim Skirt Bottom


There are simply too many to pick just one favorite, so we’ll share a few.

Our Paradise print, featured below in our Seaside Bandeau Tankini style, offers bright blues and purples that go perfectly with the beach. It will make you look like you belong nestled in the water, because let’s face it you do. The hues add dimension to the suit and stand out against your skin. The print follows the promise of a tropical pattern trend we see on the 2013 horizon.

Woman Posing Wearing Hapari Seaside Bandeau Tankini in Paradise Print

Sticking with the bright blue and vibrant purple we love so much, we brought the colors together in a different way, to create an entirely new visual. The Cancun print features purple flowers against the background of a brilliant blue sky and a subtle but sophisticated black trim. Available in a plus size tankini as well.

Woman Posing Wearing Hapari Sport Tankini Top in Cancun Print

On a different color note we have introduced our Lemon Dream Tankini, a pattern which pairs yellow and charcoal grey in a floral ensemble that looks sporty, fun and sexy all at the same time.

Woman Posing Wearing Hapari Tankini Top in Lemon Dream Print

Finally, our Sydney print pops with all the colors that we think represent the best of Sydney. By that we mean we drew inspiration from the ocean, the sky, the sun, strawberry smoothies, Sunday mornings, beach towels and volleyballs. We wanted to bring you a print that to us, spells fun.

Woman Posing Wearing Hapari Sport Tankini Top in Sydney Print

All of these prints come with the support and comfort that is readily associated with Hapari’s modest and flattering swimwear. The styles include a multitude of strap options as well as soft cups, which allow for Illusions inserts, and an array of bottoms to pair with.

Lead 2013 by the hand with a fabulous swimsuit that emphasizes the curves you love and hides the ones you don’t.

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