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Today, we’re taking an in-depth look at women’s exercise fashion. Focusing particularly on one of the most fascinating inventions in activewear over the past 50 years, the sports bra! Not only are we exploring the history of the sports bra itself, we’re sharing an exclusive look at the making of HAPARI's version of the sports bra—the FIT Bra! Like our swimwear, our activewear line is created using the highest quality fabrics and specific techniques designed to make you feel and look your best.

Check out The Making of the HAPARI Sports Bra below!

Woman Posing Wearing Hapari Eclipse Fit Bra and Black Leggings

The Making of the HAPARI FIT Bra

Ready to try the most comfortable fitness and activewear clothes you’ve ever worn?  HAPARI FIT is an activewear line that is out-of-this-world comfy! And, our sports bras are no exception! Created from soft, durable and moisture-wicking PerformanceFIT™ fabric, the FIT Bra was designed with real women in mind. Our FIT Bra puts form and function on the same high-level as fashion; meaning, these are as durable and performance-oriented as they are cute! Available in Eclipse and White Eclipse prints as well as solid Pink to mix-and-match with the entire HAPARI FIT activewear line. 

What makes the HAPARI FIT Bra different?

Our design team created the FIT Bra with one primary goal in mind, to make you feel secure and fully supported while exercising. Our FIT bras are designed with a higher neckline for full coverage, which can be especially helpful for fuller figures. Wide straps sit comfortably without pinching shoulders or under arms. A soft elastic band sewn under the bust keeps this bra in place without riding up while you exercise. The unique T-strap back creates a sleek silhouette and allows for full movement through the shoulder blades without any tight, restrictive straps. In a word, our FIT Bra is perfection!

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The History of the Sports Bra

If you can believe it, the sports bra has only been around for the past 40 years or so. What’s now a staple item in women’s activewear was invented in 1975. The first sports bra, known as the ‘jockbra’ was created by Lisa Lindhal and Polly Smith. The pair designed a version of a jockstrap for women’s breasts after Lindhal’s sister, Victoria Woodrow, complained of loose straps, chafing and tenderness from ordinary bras during workouts. The jockbra was later renamed the ‘jogbra’ and the rights were purchased by Playtex in the 90s. Like the phrase goes, the rest is history!

The Jockstrap for Woman

(Image via DeadSpin)

Ready to purchase your modern-day Jogbra?! Check out our full line of fitness and activewear tops, including our FIT Bras, through our site.

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