Woman Posing Wearing Hapari Sun-Protective Rash Guard.

We’ve heard from so many fans that they would like to see us create a line of rash guards, and we know women are looking for swimwear that covers and protects but that also fits well and looks great. So, we are hoping to add rash guards as a new item to our 2015 swimwear collections with the launch of a brand new Kickstarter Campaign for Sun-Protective Rash Guards. But first, we need your help!

Wait, what’s are Rash Guards?

Well, we are glad you asked! Rash guards are best described as swimshirts and have been worn by surfers for years — under wetsuits, over other swimwear or just solo. They help protect against sun and abrasions, and are generally made from swimwear material, so they are quick-drying.

Rash guards are increasing in popularity, but we’ve found there aren’t many rash guards out on the market specifically for women — and those that are available are generally lacking in comfort, fit and style departments. Of course, you know how seriously we take comfort, fit and style here at Hapari!

Okay, rash guards sound pretty cool, but what is Kickstarter?

Kickstarter is a creative new way for individuals or companies to fund innovative projects and ideas that otherwise might never make it into production. “Backers” make pledges towards projects they would like to see become reality. In return, those individuals get rewards if the project is successfully funded. For example, a $25 pledge to Hapari would get you your pick of the first new Hapari rash guards, while a $250 pledge would get you a rewards package of various swimwear items worth more than $450!

By becoming a “backer,” you not only show your support for a great, new product, but you also get some pretty great rewards! Of course, your pledge is processed and rewards are granted *only if* Hapari reaches our funding goal.

Hapari Sun-Protective Rash Guards

We have already designed two prototypes for our proposed new rash guards, which will be available in regular and plus sizes. If successful, the funds from our Kickstarter project will go towards fabric and production of the new line, which will mix and match with Hapari’s 2015 swimwear collection. We’ve selected soft, stretchable fabrics and threads that are really comfortable and offer a great fit and sun protection (UPF 50+). On top of that, a lot of our prints are hand-painted designs, which makes them really beautiful and unique.

Hapari Sun-Protective Rash Guards Prototype

Our Tahiti and Palm Desert collections have been a big hit in 2014, and we plan to maintain that momentum into 2015 as we continue to offer great new products to our fans — and this Kickstarter project will certainly help achieve that goal!

To be the first to receive one of Hapari’s new rash guards and other items from Hapari’s 2015 swimwear collection, make a pledge on Hapari's Rash Guard Project campaign page at Kickstarter.com.

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