Ugly Sandal

You read it right. The "ugly sandal" is this summer’s hottest trend. Of course, “ugly” is up for debate on this issue. Sandals — like Birkenstock’s — with wide straps covering the top part of your foot are all the rage with fashion trendsetters. Perhaps the more “nature-loving,” “book-obsessed” types have been rocking the shoes for years, but is this a trend for the masses? These shoes have repeatedly been on the DOT NOT WEAR list for those trying to be hip. So what’s with the shoes suddenly surging to popularity? It’s part of a larger movement. Get ready for it ... The 90s are coming back. Yep, ugly sandals, ripped jeans, overalls, baby G watches, mid-length hair. Celine said it right, “It’s all coming back, it’s coming back to me now.”

So should you actually try this trend?! My personal vote is Y.E.S. The shoes are comfy, walkable and look completely effortless (in a good way) because guess what — they are! There’s almost no shoe more comfortable or practical than a nice pair of ugly old Birkenstocks. They are expensive but unlike a lot of shoes they will last for a long time and can endure a lot of wear and tear. Also, with new colors like solid white and mocha they don’t have to be so ugly anymore! In fact, they may just be the cutest shoes around.

Here’s our evidence that this trend is one of this summer's hottest trend.

Kat Collings, editor at WhoWhatWear

Kat Collings Wearing Ugly Sandal Trend

Kat Collings pictured above, is an editor at the Fashion mega-blog WhoWhatWear. She recommends pairing the shoes with the right outfit, ”A slim-fitting silhouette is crucial to keep the look smart. The Juicy trousers I’m wearing are delightfully flattering, which wards off any sloppy vibes.”

The Fashion Eaters.  The Fashion Guitar

Street Walkers Wearing Ugly Sandals Trend

We love these two styles as well. Black usually makes things a little classier, a little more “dressed up.” The simplicity of the black attire with the sandals is classic. It evokes minimalism and sophistication.

Gypsies and Moondust

 Woman Wearing Nike Wide-Band Sandals

The Nike wide-band sandals are also part of this ugly shoe trend. We love the wardrobe, head-to-toe, above. Pairing a dress with the shoes is another great way to keep the look simple without falling into messy territory. It mixes categories in the best way. Beautiful, elegant yet fun and easy-going.

So would you try this trend? Do you think the 90s are making a comeback fashion-wise? Leave a comment below and let us know what you think!

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