Today they are playlists, yesterday they were mix tapes. Either way, we still have the ultimate summer playlist ready to go at a moment's notice!

Record Player Washed Ashore Record Player Washed Ashore - Image from Leon Russell

We all have a different moment of musical awakening. Was it the first time you heard Nirvana on the radio? Was it the time you went to a fair in your hometown and heard that amazing country song? How about hip hop? Let's not forget the songs that give us dance inspiration and remind us to be carefree from time to time. Remember when you had to wait all day to hear your new favorite tune on the radio just to press record to on the cassette player? You really had to work hard to make the ultimate mix of party music and pop hits! Thankfully technology has come a long way and you won't have to wait all day to hear your favorite song, it is easily at your fingertips and accessible to listen to 100 times. I still love blasting my stereo with the windows down on a beautiful summer day and forgetting my troubles. When thinking about the perfect summer playlist of boy bands, iconic divas and those one hit wonders, what would you include on your ultimate summer playlist?

I've slowly developed into a novice audiophile over the years and have certainly enjoyed hearing new music, seeing live shows and finally expanding into the last unheard genre for me, country. Plus, the amount of free music available to us now is greater than ever before! Spotify, Pandora and SoundCloud have given us the gift of endless playlists and the opportunity to break in the main stream. Whether it's lying on the beach or stuck in traffic we can easily sail away when our favorite songs come on!

Now that you've already started your walk down memory lane, let me share some great summer inspired tunes!

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