It’s time for a haircut.

Have you had the same haircut for a long time? Admit it. You’ve had the same exact haircut for years right? I know I have. “Long with layers” has been my go-to hairstyle for the past five years or more. As we get older, I think we tend to spend less and less time on ourselves and more of our time is spent giving to others. This isn’t a bad thing of course, but I think it’s important to focus on yourself a bit too. YOU are deserving of some that love and attention you so willingly give to others! I also think getting a haircut is just plain traumatic! From my experience, I never love my haircuts right away — it takes a few days of sideways glancing in the mirror to finally admit that the fresh cut might look a bit better than the scraggly ends that dangled from my hair before. So, most of us end up avoiding the whole new haircut situation and just stay with the same outdated look for years (cough, cough, as was my case).

To help inspire you to stray from your comfortable old style, here are three fresh, new haircuts for Spring. Pick your favorite and give it a try! Remember, your hair is just that… hair. It’ll grow back. You might as well have some fun with it!

1. The Blob (Long Bob)

Courtesy of Pinterest

The long bob, or “Blob” as it’s being called, is the newest trendy haircut for 2014. I love it despite it’s growing popularity. It’s a great way to have a grown-up look to longer hair. Usually shoulder length or a little longer, the blob has a slight asymmetrical line going from longer in the front to a bit shorter in the back. It’s an awesome way to try to a new look without doing anything too far out of your comfort zone.

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Here’s actresses Lily Collins (left) and Jessica Szohr (right) rocking the look. Rachel Krause from DailyMakeover.Com describes the look saying, “The long bob, or 'blob,' is a celebrity favorite, and for good reason — it's versatile, easy to style, and super-chic, whether it's worn straight, in curls, or in loose, beachy waves.”

2. Bangs

Bangs are back. (Did they ever really go away?!) This trend was revived a few years ago but is still going strong. Bangs automatically add a youthful, playful element to your hair. Many people also feel that it gives their hair a “style.” They now have a definitive look to style their hair to everyday. This cut works best if you have long layers to start, then you can simply cut bangs and to have a chic, effortless look. (Tip: If you cut them long enough also, they quickly become layers that flatter and frame your face as they grow out.)

Courtesy of Pinterest

I also love how these ladies styled their hair with their bangs. The headband on the bottom left is funky and cool; the pulled back ponytail is even more gorgeous with her bangs highlighting her facial features.

Courtesy of Pinterest

3. The Pixie

This last haircut is the definition of chic. It’s high-fashion, bold and memorable. It’s also the scariest! Cutting off your hair to rock a pixie takes some serious guts. But, we promise you, it’s a statement haircut that you will be glad you tried at least once in your life!

Courtesy of Getty Images

 Actress Jennifer Lawrence looks grown-up and sophisticated with her pixie cut. I love her asymmetrical bangs too! Swept across her forehead meeting eye level, gives the iconic look a modern twist. also recommends telling your hairstylist,“Though this look is angular and cut with a razor, [keep] it soft by not using any straight lines."

        Courtesy of Getty Images                                      Courtesy of

I love Shailene Woodley (left) and Frankie Sandford (right) take on the look as well. Woodley just looks so much more mature than her look before (long tresses with layers). Sandford’s look is a bit different with her strong side part with thick bangs to add a flirty appeal as well.

So which haircut are you most inclined to try?! We’d love to hear which looks you love for Spring!

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