Model Search Winner Tiffany C. from Hurricane, Utah, was the fan favorite throughout the Hapari Model Search Contest

With with the help of our Facebook fans, the Hapari Model Search is complete! After five weeks and three rounds of voting, Tiffany Curtis of Hurricane, Utah, was selected as the winner.

“This experience has been surreal, and I’m still trying to take it all in,” said Tiffany. “I was on a flight to Maui during the last few hours of the contest, so I had no idea who won. I had 90 text messages waiting for me when I landed. I’m still in shock about it all.”

The contest, which consisted of more than 100 entrants, ran from October 4 - November 11 and was conducted through Hapari’s Facebook page. Tiffany C. was a fan favorite throughout the contest, receiving the most fan votes in each of the three rounds and sporting some of the modest swimwear that Hapari has to offer.

Tiffany’s fans were vocal with their praise. “She’s beautiful on the inside and out!” “Tiffany is a wonderful mother, friend, sister, daughter and wife.” “She is amazing. She loves her family and extended family, and she gives her time to all those around her. Love her!” “She is a beautiful young mother who chooses to be modest and is a great example for young women.” “She is a natural beauty in every way!”

As the winner, Tiffany receives a limited-time Hapari modeling contract to showcase Hapari’s new collections for 2014 as well as significant exposure on Hapari’s website and social media outlets. She also receives a cash prize of $2500.

Tiffany, a working mom of two, says she’s been a fan of Hapari for five or six years. “When I bought my first Hapari suit, it was the first time I’ve ever purchased swimwear online. I’ve just loved Hapari ever since,” said Tiffany, “and I can’t wait to have this experience.”

A bit out of her comfort zone, Tiffany says she has never modeled or participated in anything like the Hapari Model Search. But when she saw the contest in her Facebook feed, she was motivated to enter with hopes of using the prize money to help her son, who is a freshman at Southern Utah University, pay for tuition.

“I can’t tell you how many people from across the U.S. and even Canada have supported me through this contest,” said Tiffany. “Canada, Michigan, Texas, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Hawaii, Oregon, Idaho. It was crazy. Every time I turned around, there was someone in some new place who was supporting me! People from grade school and high school who I hadn’t talked to in years contacted me. I’ve just been blown away.”

Tiffany also spoke highly of her competition in the final round. “They were all just great! Auminee was so cute and wore her suit so well. Sheena seemed like an amazing woman and mom with so many connections. And Veancha had an infectious smile and just seemed like someone you’d want to know!”

Tiffany and her husband are Utah natives who met while living in Southern California. The couple also have a 12-year-old daughter.

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