Woman Holding a Coconut Drink Wearing Hapari Twist Bikini Top and Regular Bikini Bottoms

It’s that time of year again! As the weather warms up, it’s time to pull out your swimsuit from the bottom drawer. Doesn’t fit the way you remembered? Don’t worry! Here at HAPARI we’ve put together a guide to choosing the right swimsuit for your body. Read on for tips to help you find the perfect swimwear this season!

Not every woman is going to fit into these categories so no matter your skin tone, body type or hair color, generally, there are a two rules to remember. First, if you want to accentuate a certain part of your body, go for a brightly colored pattern. Second, to hide problematic areas, use a solid color (dark colors for pale skin and bright colors for dark skin).

Swimwear 101: Choosing The Right Swimsuit

Woman Posing Poolside Wearing Hapari Push Up Tankini Top and Regular Bikini Bottom

Swimwear for a smaller bust: The trick with smaller busts is to add ruffles, frills or use a push-up top to add volume and make your bust appear bigger. HAPARI offers a push-up top in both the tankini style and bikini style to help enhance your shape!

Swimwear for a larger bust: Halter tops are a great option for larger busts as they offer support and create beautiful lines. Avoid any additional ruffles or frills that will only make your bust appear larger. Underwire support is always ideal and you can even add a skirted swim bottom or skirt cover-up to balance out your figure!

Woman Holding a Camera and Posing Wearing Hapari Blouson Tankini Top and High Waisted Bikini Bottom

Swimwear for bigger hips: High-waisted bottoms are best for ladies with bigger hips! The swim bottom will sit across your hips, not below them. Avoid boy short bottoms as these will just make your hips look wider. Finally, pair darker bottoms with a lighter top to draw attention upward!

Swimwear to slim down stomach: Pair a high-waisted bottom with the loose-fitting Blouson Tankini Top, rather than a one-piece suit, this will let you breathe! HAPARI’s Tummy Tuck Bottoms are a great option (not to mention that high-waisted bottoms are a huge trend in 2016)!

Woman Posing Wearing Hapari Island Haze Classic Bandeau Tankini and White Tie String Bikini Bottom

Swimwear for narrow shoulders: Accentuate your narrow shoulders with a strapless top! HAPARI’s bandeau styles come in tankinis, bikinis and one-pieces!

Swimwear for longer torso: If you have a longer torso, try a swim dress! Or pair a high-waisted bottom with a tankini top to keep you midriff from showing. Additionally, high-cut bottoms will elongate your legs!

HAPARI has a lot of different styles of tops that support different body types. If you are ever interested in talking to one of our Fit Specialists, you can reach them at 866-525-7946. They are great at helping customers find the perfect size and style for specific body types!

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