Dogs Wearing Sunglasses on a Floatie

(Image via Camino Animal Clinic)

This summer is turning out to be a scorcher! For most of the country, temps are in the high 90’s and a respite from the heat doesn’t seem to be coming for at least another few weeks. So, while we’re hiding away in air conditioned offices and homes, we need to help our pets beat the heat too.

Today’s post features tips and tricks to keep your pets cool this summer! Did you know that pets like dogs, cats, and rabbits, are more susceptible to heat stroke than humans? It’s true. Pets don’t have sweat glands, making it harder for them to cool their bodies down. Heat stroke can lead to dehydration and even organ failure. It’s important to remember that if you are hot, so are your pets. Check out our top tips to Help Your Pets Beat the Heat this summer!

Tips to Help Your Pets Beat the Heat

Make a Backyard Oasis for Your Dogs with Kiddie Pools!

While not all pets will love this (your cats may hate you if you try to do this to them), your dogs will love jumping and splashing around in a backyard kiddie pool. Setting one up is easy and cheap! You can get a kiddie pool from a local store for around $25, add water, and your pup will be in HEAVEN! It helps your dog release some energy while staying cool in the summer heat.

Dog Having Fun in a Kiddie Pool

(Image via Eagle Pack)

Frozen Goodies

Make a frozen popsicle ( or pupsicle!) for your pets! Not only are frozen treats a great way to cool your pets down, it will entertain them for hours. And, it’s really easy! Simply put their favorite toys and treats in a bowl, add water, and throw in the freezer. In a couple hours, pull out the bowl. Viola! You’ve created a fun, cool, way to keep your pets hydrated and entertained. Another great tip? Give your pets ice cubes as treats. They think they’re getting a special treat and you’re helping them cool down (without any calories!)

Dog Next to Frozen Treats

(Image via Gadgets)

Wet Bandana

Looking for a quick trick to give your pets a break from the heat? Try wetting a bandana with cool water, wring it out, and tying it to your pet as they play outside this summer. It’ll keep their neck and head cool and help prevent heat stroke. Easy and effective!

Smiling Dog Wearing a Scarf

(Image via Pacific Coast Dog Rescue)

Ceramic Tiles

Need a tip to help cool down stubborn cats who dislike water? Try buying a few sample squares of ceramic tile. The tiles will stay cooler than other parts of the house. Try putting a few tiles in the refrigerator and then placing near your cat (or dogs!) bed. They’ll love laying on the cool surface.

Kitty Sleeping on His Back

(Image via the Apri City)


It’s important to keep your pets groomed, especially in the summer. Having a clean cut coat helps your pets circulate air against their skin. It also allows us to keep on eye on the condition of their skin. Many times, we never see a pet's’ skin. So, it’s a good idea to keep hair short (especially in the summer) to check for skin issues.

Dog Getting a Bath

(Image via Masters N Dogs)

We hope these ideas help you keep your pet safe this summer! For more posts like this, check out HAPARI Blog. We’re like your favorite lifestyle blog but better - mostly because we follow the Hapari code of great quality and content!

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