When envisioning the perfect family vacation, one usually sees children running in the sand, jumping in the waves and families lounging on the beach. Many family vacations happen at the beach. Not only is the beach full of entertainment, it is a relaxing vacation spot.

Beach vacations truly are one of the most ideal for families. Kids can play, swim, and run around all day long. Parents can enjoy playing with their children and while relaxing in the sun on a beach chair. No matter your age, a beach vacation can be one you smile as you remember.

Sunset on the Beach

Now that you’ve stocked up on sunscreen and packed your swimsuit, you need a destination. The following are three of the most popular beaches for family vacations. Now, take your pick.


When thinking of the beach, California is always one of the first thoughts that come to mind. These Pacific Coast beaches have so much to offer families. The southern part of the state is flooded with beaches. The wharfs are created to entertain. If you choose to leave the beach for an activity, you can visit Disneyland, Sea World, and Rodeo Drive for shopping, and Hollywood closeby.

The activities available are never-ending. The beaches themselves beg vacationers to spend the entire day. With California’s near perfect weather all year long, you can plan a trip almost any time of the year.


This peninsula state has more beaches than you can even imagine. Florida is a family hot spot. The ocean water is generally a little warmer than the rest of the United States beaches. This makes spending time in the water much more enjoyable. The Gulf Coast water is also warmer than the east coast of Florida.

While the list of beaches in Florida is a mile long, some of the most popular spots for families are Daytona Beach, Key West, Palm Beach, Miami Beach, and the Emerald Coast. The white, sandy beaches in Florida are some of the most beautiful the United States has to offer.

Myrtle Beach

Don’t leave South Carolina off your vacationing list. Myrtle Beach has been called the number one family beach in North America. Myrtle Beach truly creates the ultimate vacation ambiance. There is entertainment on every corner. You can visit aquariums, Family Kingdom – a water park literally on the beach -, Carolina Opry, NASCAR Speedway, and literally tons more.

While this beach may be popular, you will be sure to find a place to call home for the day in the 60-miles of white, sandy beaches. The area is filled with flea markets, outlet malls, water sports, deep-sea fishing and golf courses galore. There is more to do than can ever be squeezed into one visit.

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