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HAPARI fam, ready or not, it’s time for your kiddos to head back to school! With many schools across the country starting up again in the coming weeks, it’s time to think about back to school shopping. Today’s post shares the top new trends for Fall 2016 to help your kids go back to school in style. From taking inspiration from the many 90’s trends in right now, like denim and bomber jackets, to the hottest color palettes for Fall 2016, we’ve compiled a list of the Top 5 Coolest Back-to-School Fashion Trends.

Back To School Fashion Trends For 2016

Green Military-Inspired Jackets

This year, get your kiddo a green military-inspired jacket for fall! Largely inspired by celebrities like Victoria Beckham, Julianne Hough, and Gigi Hadid, this style of jacket has been popular for adults for the past few years. For back-to-school 2016, the popular style transitions into mini sizes for the kiddos. These military-inspired jackets are a fun way to try a new look. The jackets are perfect for Fall weather - not too hot and not too cold. Sew on custom patches to decorate the jacket to customize to your child’s personality! We love the idea of adding vintage patches from family members or from a local thrift store.

Girl Wearing Green Military-Inspired Jacket Image: Ready Made Garments

Denim, Denim, Denim

This fall denim is king! Denim is officially back in and cool to wear in all its many forms; from jeans to jackets to shirts to bags, you’re going to see denim everywhere. Get the kids in on the trend by adding denim to the Back-to-School must-have list. The great thing about this trend is it’s prevalence and availability at all price points; from high-end retail stores like Nordstrom and Saks Fifth Avenue to more wallet-friendly stores like H&M kids, Old Navy, and Target, you’ll be able to find a denim piece for Back-to-School at the perfect price for your family.

Kids Posing Wearing Denim Outfits Image: I Dig Denim

Colorful, Fun, Printed Socks

It’s time to say no to boring, white socks. As the weather starts to get cooler, and socks become necessary, wearing colorful, fun, printed socks will be a top trend for kids. Fun, colorful socks are a great way to help kids express their personalities; especially if your child is required to wear a uniform to school. Let them express their individuality in a subtle yet effective way. Your kids will love picking out the bright, printed socks to wear. And, if you’re going to buy crazy socks for your kids, let them show them off! Try rolling up your kids pant legs to show a peep of the socks underneath. They’ll love it!

Flat Lay Printed Socks Image: Ready Made Garments

Trendy Colors and Prints

Fall color palettes are inspired by the beautiful changing leaves and rich, earthy tones. This year Fall’s trending colors are no different; however, the colors take on specific, vibrant tones from the changing foliage. Colors like Terracotta, a deep burnt orange, and Spruce, an intense greenish-blue color, and Garnet, a saturated plum red, are all trending colors for Fall. Kids clothing, which tend to be more colorful than adult clothes in general, take the Fall color trends and amplify the brightness and intensity. An unexpected trending color for kids is bright violet. Seen in both girls and boys clothing for fall, this vibrant purple color is a perfect pick for Back-to-School.

Deep Purple Items Image: We Connect Fashion

Clothing Meets Tech

Last but not least, Back to School for Fall 2016 highlights the integration of clothing and technology. With the continual advancement of technology in our society, it’s no surprise our clothing is becoming more technologically advanced as well. At HAPARI, our swimsuits and activewear use fabrics specifically designed for performance, comfort, and enhancement. Clothes can now light up, change color, and can even track performance vitals like heart rate. For kids, incorporating technology in clothes also means celebrating the many trending tech apps into Back to School clothes like the incredibly popular Pokemon Go app. Backpacks, t-shirts, and school supplies will be covered with these pop culture references.

Pokemon Backpack Image: Pokemon Down

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