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On a beautiful, sunny day I found myself lounging poolside. Sure, I was perched in the prime location to see all the action, but I hadn't realized that sitting on the stairs leading into the pool would tragically snag and fray my suit. This would leave me with a texture one should never have on their bottom! I was heartbroken. I had just purchased this suit and now it was fuzzy and snagged on the first run at the pool.  Not to be too overly dramatic, but the pool and beach can be quite the obstacle course for protecting your awesome bikini or tankini. You definitely don't want to limit your fun on a day out so here are some of the best tips I can share to make sure you're suit is as beautiful as you are all season long!

1. Watch Where You Sit!

Duh! After my graphic intro to this article, you're probably turning into a Paranoid Patty! But, all you need to do is make sure that you avoid sitting and brushing up against the stairs or wall of an in-ground pool and

make sure you're watching yourself at the beach to avoid sitting wooden surfaces like that lovely lounge chair you've reserved oceanside. A great way is to have a towel, lovely wrap or cover-up handy when out of the pool to do your activities. This will make sure you're saving your suit the additional wear and tear and also protecting it from the extra UV rays.

2. The Sun Is Not Your Friend - Dry Your Suit In The Shade!

You're probably saying to yourself... well, how can I avoid the sun when I am in my swimsuit...that's the only place you wear it?! Well, certainly a suit can fade fast when constantly exposed, but by this I mean no to the care and yes to the wear! When you're done having an amazing day waterside, you should immediately rinse your suit in COLD WATER and let air dry flat. Do NOT let it dry in the sun! This can definitely lead to discoloration and shorten the life of your suit. It should air dry though, NO DRYERS, so find a place in the shade and let it catch the breeze and come back to life after a long day.

3. Don't Wear Your Favorite Suit in the Hot Tub! - That's it! Don't do it!

I know you want to look and feel your best when you're relaxing in a Hot Tub after a long day, but trust me, that moment of Zen will terrorize your favorite suit leading to discoloration and more! Jacuzzis are great, but they certainly saturate your suit with chemicals which lead to a shortening of your suit's life. This also works out great for making a case for buying a less expensive suit that is just for Hot Tubs only! If you must hop into the Jacuzzi in the heat of the moment, try keeping a special sport soap on hand for a quick cleanup after the party! We are digging Swimwear Care by The Laundress. This is tailored to be allergen free, non-toxic and easy on the suit!

4. Wardrobe Changes Are A Must - Take Multiple Suits On Vacation!

This tip comes from Consumer Search's blog and brings up a great point! I am sooooo guilty of this. I never have enough suits on vacation! I have many that I love, but I never seem to take multiple ones with me, which can be quite a problem when you're ready to hit the pool the next morning and you're eerily uncomfortable in your cold, damp suit. The rule of thumb is that it takes approximately 24 hours for a suit to come back to normal from the last go in the water. This includes after you've rinsed it with cold water, mild soap and let it air dry in a shady locale. Seems like work, right? But, every time you take the time to do this you're saving dollars in the bank and can be assured of a confident wear your next time you're out!

5. Giver 'er a gentle squeeze - Handle Your Suit With Care!

You're probably relaxed after a long day and that's a good thing because we need you in a calm state to gently squeeze the water out of your suit after washing it. If you wring it out, twist it or handle it too harshly you may alter the shape of the suit and unintentionally ruin it for your next wear. We would hate to see you take all the precautions mentioned above and then in the heat of the moment wring your suit...so when in doubt, gently squeeze it out! :)

Lastly, there's an important recipe for success we want to share! When you get your new swimsuit fill a sink with water and pour in a dash of white vinegar and let soak for 30 minutes. Once the time is up rinse the suit, wring gently and let air dry flat. White vinegar will help keep the colors popping and keep you looking bright and fresh all season long!

For more tips on how to take care of your suit, you can also contact our Style Consultants who can not only guide you on the care of your suit, but also help you pick out a new daring style from our collection! 866-525-SWIM (7946)

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