Baby Decorated Room Top Baby Room Decorating Ideas! Image courtesy of

First, congratulations are in order! You're having a baby and no matter if it is your first, second or third, each time is just as special. You may even be adopting and doing a wonderful thing by bringing a new life into your home! Now that you're past the initial overwhelming glee, the planning must begin and there's no better way to celebrate than with our top baby room decorating ideas! Never has there been a time as unique and eclectic as now for fashion, style and decorating! We are all celebrating mixing and matching all of the things we love to make a unique and happy environment. This also transcends into the world of your baby! They are a little piece of you that will flourish into their own amazing self as they grow, but before they

reach their teen years and request they paint their room a color that's not been discovered yet or cover their walls with bands that certainly don't sound like "real music" to you, you have all the power to design their room as you see fit. It should be a reflection of you and a calm and welcoming environment for you as well, since you'll be spending quite a bit of time (and long nights) in this room.

We've gathered some of our favorite top baby room decorating ideas for you that will hopefully inspire you to create a welcoming environment for both baby and you! From colors to creative accents, your baby's room will be a cool, trendy and hopefully peaceful place to hang!

Pop of Color! A little lemon dream in paradise!

Baby Decorated Room with Pops of Color Pop of Color! Show your personality with a dash of Color!

Yellow is back! This in contrast to a cool charcoal or even a warm brown can warm a room right up and create a unique decor that will impress all of your friends! This color can easily go wrong so carefully plan the color choice by taking swatches home and seeing them in the room with the natural light. If it comes out too neon or too brown in hue you'll find yourself more disappointed than bubbly and bright!

Accent wall! Chalk it up to creativity!

Baby Decorated Room with Chalk Accent Wall Top Decorating Ideas for Baby Rooms! Chalk it up to style!

Being resourceful and creative is something that sites like Pinterest have certainly opened our minds to creatively and challenged us to achieve many successes in the DIY world. This one is the easiest though, I promise! Chalk paint is certainly easy to apply and a unique way to bring your traditional baby room into this century. As you and your child grow this room can evolve by making unique pieces of art whenever you feel like! You don't have to be Van Gogh to create an artist environment for the little one and I'm sure as they grow and make their own artwork on this wall you'll appreciate it more and more every day!

Move over, Grandma, wallpaper is back!

Baby Decorated Room with Wallpaper Top Decorating Ideas for Baby Rooms - Wallpaper is back! Image courtesy of

Over the last few decades wallpaper has become something for the rich and elderly. Paints and paint treatments like sponging and rolling techniques have taken the spotlight away from traditional art form of wallpaper. Well, it's back and more affordable and artsy than ever. Using a really unique and rich looking wallpaper for an accent wall can take your plain room to the next level in a unique twist! This is certainly a little bit more work and money from the standard paint job, but can showcase your personality and wow visitors. Just make sure they keep their gasps of excitement to a quiet roar in the little one's room! ;)

If these walls could talk! Let the story come to life through paint!

Mural Baby Decorated Room Top Decorating Trends for Baby Rooms - Paint a Story! Image courtesy of

Murals, when done tastefully, can tell an elegant story. Let your creative juices flow when you're envisioning the room your baby can grow up in and let the paint brush start painting a vivid fairytale. Using pops of color and your artistic ability to share a mysterious woodland theme or jungle can make the room feel alive and filled with great memories. Start by finding a great child's book for inspiration and draw up something beautiful!

With these ideas and more in mind, let yourself dream up the room you want and the room your child will cherish for years to come.

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