Man Wearing a Man Bun

(Image via thefashionisto)

The infamous ‘man bun’ swept across the hair-world at one of the top hairstyles for men with huge rousing applause last year. Men everywhere rocked the trend, adding to the fairly recent shift in hairstyles for men; gone are the standard ‘men’s cuts’, and in are the really cool, unique hairstyles.

If it’s been years since your man changed up his look or if he just wants a new do, we’ve compiled a list of our top hairstyles for men.

HAPARI’s Top Hairstyles for Men

The Undercut + Faux Hawk

We love this twist on the faux hawk. Created using one of the new trends for 2015 - the undercut - this style creates a gradual shift in hair length starting from a buzz cut around the neck to 3-4” of hair near the top.

Man with Undercut + Faux Hawk Hairstyle

(image via BuzzFeed)

Steps + Defined Parts

One of the best things about men’s hairstyles is that they can be so creative. Try adding steps or a defined part to easily mix up your man’s style. And, if your man doesn’t love the new look, the steps and part will grow out in 2-3 weeks. It’s a great haircut to add a temporary change!

Man with Steps and Defined Parts in His Haircut

(image via Black Fashion)

Long Hair, Don’t Care

Have a low-maintenance man? Try having your guy grow his hair out. Long, shoulder-length hair can be a great alternative to the shorter styles for men. The hard part with this hairstyle will be the various stages of growing pains while the hair transitions from short to long.

Man with Long Hair

(Image via Annech)

90’s Buzz Cuts are Bacccccckkkk!

The popular 90’s buzz cut is officially cool again. I mean, if David Beckham is rocking it, then it’s a great choice. Amiright?! A buzz cut is great for summer; the cut is extremely low maintenance and you can even do try giving your man the haircut yourself! A pair of clippers and you’re ready to go!

David Beckham Rocking a Buzz Cut

(Image via Hairstyles Weekly)

The Refined Side-Part

If your man is more of the traditional type, he might want to try the refined side-part. This style is longer on the top and sides with a distinct part on one side. The key is to shape the top slightly with hair gel to create a swoop effect.

Man Wearing Side-Part Hair Style

(Image via Details)

We hope these ideas help inspire your man (or any men in your life) to think creatively with their haircut. From the man bun to the buzz cut and every hairstyle in between, men’s hairstyles are truly becoming a revolution! For more posts like this, check out the HAPARI Blog. We’re like your favorite lifestyle blog but better!

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