What are the Top Resort Trends of 2013 and what is a Resort Trend?

Model Wearing Rochas Resort Collection 2013 Rochas Resort Collection 2013 courtesy of Harper's Bazaar

" Resort Trends " are a hot topic these days. I think partially due to the growing need for newness in fashion this time of year and the need for us all to dream of beautiful destination vacations whether or not we can realistically take them. I often dream of sweltering temps, palm trees swaying in the breeze and preferably a young gentleman who keeps the drinks flowing and compliments coming. This is one of my more realistic dreams. The essential staples of a great resort look can be overly simplified by saying it is a fabulous top, an amazing pant and bold jewelry statement. This look is reminiscent of a 1940's rom-com staring Cary Grant or even the more recent starlets in The Great Gatsby.

The importance is the emphasis being dramatic, daring and buying something that is outside of your comfort zone. We all love a good challenge from time to time, even if it is only to be bold enough to wear a giant gold necklace or even some ruffles around your neckline.

First, think of where you want to go on your resort vacation. This can be real or fictional, either way you certainly have a reason to shop and that's why I'm here! If we are thinking realistic and close to home there is always a 'staycation' at your local hotel. I've found that every area has an off-season and they usually offer amazing deals to locals during this time. You can find yourself in a 5-star resort you'd normally keep your wallet away from for a completely reasonable price.  Or if you've had your eyes set on an international jet-setter lifestyle experience you can find amazing international deals on TravelZoo. This is personally one of my favorites for amazing deals. A favorite of Hapari's is the Hilton Barbados Resort.

Now that  you have the destination in mind here are the key trends for building your resort look.

1. Sleek & Tailored Panks

Pants? At a resort? Absolutely! Materials should been in a light cotton/poly blend or even a linen with a high waisted fit or a tapered leg. The high waist is hard for many to conquer because there are so many different styles... to pleat or not to pleat, that is the question. I personally can't pull off the pleat although I am green with envy of those who can. This is a classic look and can be worn to a luxurious dinner or while you stroll the promenade deck of the cruise ship. Let's not forget about the tapered leg, which also seems like an intimidating trend, but can really be very flattering since it is a loser fit and gives a very great silhouette to the waist, legs and especially showing a sexy ankle. Yes, I said sexy ankle...some people have those.

2. Bold Silk Top 

Woman Wearing Alexander McQueen Resort 2013 line This stunning ensemble is from Alexander McQueen Resort 2013 line.

I suggest silk because it is amazing to see flowing in the wind and frankly, something about something so elegant increases your feeling of prestige instantly. Suddenly I become more confident, my posture changes and I feel like I am putting my best foot forward to the world. The best part of this trend is you have so much freedom. A bold color or print, a stunning neckline or even sleeveless cut can make this uniquely you.

3. Statement Jewelry

I would say, find the biggest, boldest piece of jewelry you can find. Again, I urge you to think outside the box and live outside your comfort zone. Challenge yourself to a new color, a bold jewel or mixing metals to build onto your key statement. Jewelry is like the punctuation mark of a sentence which turns a statement into an exclamation. Think I am exaggerating... look at your favorite trends and imagine them with or without their key colors or accents.

4. Colorful or Embellished Clutch

In today's day, using a clutch can become quite the event...how do I find one that will even fit my enormous phone let alone my favorite lipstick and more? But, alas there are many great options that are tailored to your needs and often are a closet staple you will find yourself using again and again. For those who love to carry their life survival kit at all times (cell phone, wallet, sewing kit, four different lipsticks and more) I would suggest a soft clutch in a bold color or pattern. Soft clutches give more and are flexible to the occasional overstuffing! A hard case clutch is for those who are minimalists and don't need function as much as they adore the form!

Model Wearing Marchesa Resort 2013 Marchesa Resort 2013. Image courtesy of Harper's Bazaar.

5. An Amazing Wedge Heel

Personally, I'm tall and had a fear of wedges for quite some time, until I realized that embracing my height and then showcasing it in a great set of wedges was the only way to move past my fear and also expand on my beloved footwear collection! Wedges can be elegant or casual, woven or metallic and all beautiful additions to the wardrobe. Wearing them with long maxi dresses or some skinny jeans can make you feel amazing and also look amazing! This part of the resort trend is something that can be worn anywhere, anytime, but most importantly the feeling they give you when you wear them is priceless.

So shop till you drop, find amazing deals and don't forget to challenge your wardrobe and buy staple pieces you can dress up or dress down all year long! The most important part is to make the Top Resort Trends your own style!

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