Become Hapari's Next Model

We have been so excited to see how well the competition to find our next model has kicked off. To date we count a total of 73 entries into the contest and are excited to see new entries coming in daily from women across the U.S. So far we see 26 states represented with Utah, Arizona, Florida, Kansas and Georgia leading with the most contestants.

To keep all those participating in the contest informed on just how the final winner will be selected we wanted to outline the process that will occur in the final weeks of the contest:

    1. A total of 3 finalists will be selected. Hapari owners will select 2 finalists and the third will be picked by our Facebook fans (the contestant who received the most attention via comments and likes).
    2. Hapari will then ask the 3 finalists to send in any additional photos they have to help us get the best idea of who they are as a model.
    3. Owners and employees of Hapari will then all cast a final vote to determine the winner!
    4. Runners up will be awarded with $300 gift certificates and a huge thanks for participating!

It has been so fun to watch the diverse group of women the contest has attracted and we are so happy with the positive comments and support all those participating have been providing. Every day we are eagerly waiting for more entries and excited every time one arrives. Since the contest opened on July 26th it has been great to see supportive comments from one contestant to another like:

Rachel Murphy (commenting on Crystal Yetter-Fouts photo): Wow! Crystal you look great. Good luck!
Heather Harris Torriente (commenting on Catey Bettinson Ball's entry photo): Wow! 8 kids?! Way to go!
Cydney Boler (commenting on Mindy Johnson Edwards photo): Mindy you are stunning!!

While this contest is not exclusive to Mom's—we have been very proud to see those mothers who have taken the courage to enter into the contest. To our knowledge we have mother's ranging from 1 to 8 children and are excited to have such a diverse group of women.

Hapari has always remained open to the thoughts and voice of our customers. One of our favorite discussions on Facebook since we opened the contest for entries was where we posed the question, "If you were to decide who the next Hapari model is, what would you focus on? Heard some mention online that she should be "natural"..." In return we received some great feedback and thoughts from our followers. During the discussion one of our more hesitant contestants built up the courage to send her lovely entry photo.

Due to the enormous amount of feedback we received from followers and regular entries coming in we soon updated the process by which each entry goes onto Facebook. Once each entry is received it is posted within 24 (business) hours. We do our best to tag each photo with their correct Facebook name so they can be notified your picture is live as well!

To get more details on how to enter to the contest visit our Hapari contest page. And to see those who have already entered the contest visit our Facebook album here.

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