People Volunteering

It’s here, everybody! We’re in the midst of it; the holiday season, that is! And while the holidays are busy with wrapping and buying gifts, preparing elaborate dinner parties, and attending recitals, it’s also the perfect time to volunteer. After all, as the popular phrase goes, ‘tis better to give than to receive.’ This holiday season, why not make it a priority to give to others, to help others have a wonderful time of year, to make the world a little better for all? At Hapari, we say VOLUNTEER this Holiday Season!

To get you motivated to volunteer this season, we’ve created a list of perfect holiday volunteer opportunities. Read along and let us know how you plan to make a positive impact this season!

People Volunteering at a Homeless Shelter

Local Homeless Shelter

This holiday season, why not volunteer at a local homeless shelter? Sign up to serve a dinner or help provide food for the local pantry. Or if you are short on time but have resources available, why not gather friends and family and host a winter clothing drive for your local shelter? Many homeless people spend frigid nights outside during the holidays and winter months. Having warm clothes can make the world of difference.

People Volunteering at an Animal Rescue

Animal Rescue + Foster

Don’t forget the furry friends this holiday season; volunteer at a local animal shelter or rescue! Animals, like people, need love and attention. They also need food, water, treats, toys, baths, and daily walks. Why not volunteer your time and services to these deserving fur balls? The best thing about working with animals?—the instant gratification. Animals love is true and easy to come by. Like most volunteer opportunities, you’ll gain so much more from the experience than you’ll give.

Young Boy Greeting Elders at a Nursing Home

Retirement and Nursing Homes

Old age can be painful, confusing, and upsetting. It’s especially difficult for aging seniors with dementia and degenerative issues. Many times family members aren’t able to care for older relatives and must take them to a retirement or nursing home for proper care. While the reasons vary for being there, living at a retirement center can be lonely and a difficult transitional period in ones life. Why not volunteer and spend time with the elderly? These folks have lived longer than any of us and the wisdom and stories they can tell are like hidden gems! Spending a few hours with them can brighten their day, or even week!

Adopt an Angel

Lady Leaving Gifts for a Child

Try adopting an angel and providing Christmas for a needy child. It’s the perfect holiday-related volunteer opportunity! Many businesses and local non-profits host Angel Trees during the holidays. The concept is simple, you pick an ornament aka ‘angel’ off the tree and provide holiday gifts for that child. Many times the selected families are facing financial hardships and wouldn’t be able to provide a Christmas for the child otherwise. Be creative! It’s fun to shop and wrap presents for your little Angel.

People at a Coffee Shop

Random Acts of Kindness

Short on cash and time this holiday season? Why not do something small to help others? A simple, random act of kindness can go a long way. Why not buy coffee for the person behind you? This happened at a local Starbucks drive-through recently, and the chain continued for over 300 customers behind the original person. That’s 300 people positively influenced by a simple act. We love it!

We hope this list of volunteer activities inspires you to give this holiday season. It sure has inspired us to take a moment from our busy schedules and remember the reason for the season.

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