Field of Tulips

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Like the popular saying goes, ‘April showers bring May flowers.’ At HAPRI, we love Spring — it’s the rebirth and awakening of nature. The birds start chirpin’, the bees are buzzin’, and all things floral are in bloom … it’s a picturesque scene straight out of Bambi. We’re ecstatic about the prospects of new little blossoms in the coming months.

However, gardening can be pretty challenging. A few years ago, I planted an array of beautiful flowers in mid-April and they didn’t survive the up-and-down Spring weather. Huge bummer! To help you have the best blooms, we’ve created HAPARI’s Spring Floral Guide.

Check it out!

We’ve curated a list of the top flowers to plant for Spring. The ones that will withstand the up-and-downs of Spring weather, and still have healthy, vibrant blooms.

Pansy Flower One of the most beloved flowers, the Pansy, is perfect for Spring. This colorful flowers loves cooler temperatures, well-watered soil and lots of sunlight. The Pansy is considered a ‘hardy’ annual that can withstand sporadic Spring weather.

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Colorful and super tough, the Coneflower is a great option for Spring. The flower is aptly named due to it’s petals opening to form a cone while in bloom and its raised center. The coneflower can bloom from early Spring to late Summer.

(Image via Grimms Garden)

Hellebore Flower

Hellebore flowers produce beautiful blooms of surprising resilience. The flower can withstand Spring frosts, warm temps, and everything in between - making it one of the best flowers to plant for Spring.

(Image via Black Gold)

Forget-Me-Not Flower


These bright blue flowers brighten up any space! Forget-me-nots work great in shaded gardens and in mild Spring climates and bloom from early May to late October. As with most wildflowers, there’s minimal care for these bright beauties.

(Image via Fan Pop)



Last but definitely not least, the beloved Lilac. I mean, really, who doesn’t love Lilac? It’s one of the most deliciously fragrant Spring flowers. It’s also a garden favorite. The Lilac can grow up to 20 feet tall and wide and grows best in full sun with well-drained soil.

(Image via Northern Gardener)

Ahhhh… it’s almost as if one can smell the blooms off the page. I hope HAPARI’s Spring Floral Guide helps you pick the best blooms for your garden; whether you’re looking for easiest-to-keep-alive or picking by color!

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