Fall Decorated House Entrance

The changing of seasons means it’s time to bust out the seasonal decor. Fall is an exciting time to add nature-inspired elements to your home. Whether it’s incorporating the changing colors or celebrating harvest in your decor, fall is the perfect time for DIY decor!

If you are like us, you don’t have a lot of free time to work on creating new seasonal decor every few months. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of simple, unique, and pretty-darn cool DIY Fall Decor items. So, you can easily spruce up your space and celebrate the changing season.

Leaf Art

DIY Fall Prints + Leaf Art

I love DIY prints! Adding touches of the season can make a room feel current and invigorating. What’s even more exciting is that you make the prints. For our first DIY Fall Decor, we’re creating unique prints made from leaves to frame or hang in your home.

Leaf Art

Get the kiddos involved! Have your little ones help create new seasonal art to hang around the house. It will ignite their imagination, get their hands dirty and (at least) occupy them with something besides their iPads and video games!

Directions: Take your kids outside and have them collect various shaped leaves. Create critters or their favorite animals from the leaves. Glue onto construction paper. Frame. Viola! Instant fall prints!

For those of you without kids, you may not want to create critters out of our leaves. Instead, try pressing leaves between books. Once they’re crisp, hot glue the edges to matte paper and frame. Done! Sophisticated fall prints!

Painted Tree Branches

Repurpose Tree Branches

Painted branches and sticks are another easy decor item to add to your space. These, quite literally, bring nature indoors and celebrate the changing of the seasons. You can have fun with the multitude of options; repurpose fallen tree branches or single sticks, anything you find in your yard is fair game!

We love these two very different color options:

Directions: Gather branches, sticks, and other yardage you find outside. Spray paint on old newspaper or a tarp. You can use one color or many colors. It’s up to you!

Letter C Decorated with Sticks

Create Stick Letters

Stick Letters may be our favorite DIY Fall Decor item on the list! These beautiful, nature-inspired, pieces can be used throughout the year. They look great for Fall but they also work just as well non-seasonally for everyday decor. They’re also fairly simple to make!

Directions: Find a picture frame for this project - you can make the piece as big or as small as you’d like. Print a letter the same size as the template that comes with the frame. Place the the printed letter form over the glass to position. Cut sticks the same size with shears. Hot glue sticks on to the glass. Frame. Done!

We can’t wait to try our DIY Fall Decor ideas! We hope our list has energized you to start a few simple, easy steps to welcome autumn into your home.

Going to give it a try? We’d love to see photos or hear comments on how your projects turn out. If you have tips and ideas for creating seasonal decor, let us know! We’d love to hear from you and share your thoughts with our Hapari community. {All images via Pinterest}

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