Finding a swimsuit color that compliments your skin tone and facial features can be like finding a needle in a haystack. How do you know which color looks best? Are solid colors or prints more flattering? And, does it really matter? In today’s blog post, we’re answering the age-old question—what color swimsuit should I get? Read on my friends, read on.

Now before we dive into which skin colors are naturally complemented by certain colors, we’re starting with a disclaimer. Here it is: buy whatever swimsuit color and/or design you like. Full stop. It doesn’t matter if the suit isn’t the ‘right’ color for your skin or best ‘style’ for your body shape. Buy what you like and what makes you feel good. But, if you really want to know which colors go naturally well with your skin tone, then we won’t gate keep. Just know that at HAPARI, we’re all about empowering you to feel great in your body in a swimsuit. So, if a bright pink floral swimsuit does that—get that one. If you prefer darker solid colors, go for that. Live your life, ladies!

Warm vs cool undertones

Okay, assuming you are indeed curious about which colors look best on your particular skin tone, we’ve got the deets. Similar to understanding what type of jewelry looks best on you (gold or silver), you need to start by determining if you have warm undertones or cool ones. 

To do this, look at the underside of your forearm or wrist. Look at your veins and see which colors are most prominent.

  • If your veins look green and you can see yellow in your skin = you have warm undertones. 
  • If your veins look blue or purplish and you can see pink in your skin = you have cool undertones. 
  • You may also have neutral undertones which are a mixture of both features. 

Now that you know your undertones, the key is finding a complementary color that will accentuate your skin tone. As a general rule:

  • Warm undertones look best in earthy colors like greens, browns, deep reds, and deep yellows.
  • Cool undertones look best in either saturated contrasting jewel colors like purples, turquoise, blue, raspberry or lighter versions of these colors like powder blue, lavender, or light pink.
  • Neutral undertones can look good in either earthy or brighter colors. Usually people with neutral undertones can pull off either color categories. 

Swimsuit picks for dark skin

People with warm undertones tend to have tan or darker skin. This skin type is the kind that typically doesn’t burn in the sun but instead turns into a deeper tan. For the perfect bikini for tan skin or the best color bikini for dark skin, look no further. Below are our top 3 swimsuit picks for warm undertones from our latest HAPARI drops:

  1. Gold Dust High Neck Strappy Tankini Top
  2. Breath Slimming Tankini Top
  3. Aguja Classic Bandeau Tankini Top
Woman in tankini standing in front of tropical background

Swimsuit picks for pale skin

If you have cool undertones you’ll tend to have more pale or pink skin. This type of skin burns easily in the sun turning into red, rashed skin instead of darkening into a tan. Not to fear, we have the perfect swimsuit color for pale skin. Check out our top three options below.

  1. Rami Slimming Tankini Top
  2. Wylde Pink Twist Bikini Top
  3. Stardust Sport Tankini Top
Woman in tankini swimsuit in front of large wall of windows

Swim picks for neutral undertones

If you have neutral undertones, congratulations! Kiss your parents and tell them you can wear whatever color you want. Now, there are certain colors that will be less complimentary to your ‘in-between’ skin undertones: avoid bright colors. These brighter colors can wash you out and may not be as flattering as other more earthy colors or more saturated colors. For our neutral undertone gals, below are our top 3 picks:

  1. Santa Marta Twist Tankini Top
  2. Blue Cuyo Long Sleeve One Piece
  3. Plume Slimming Tankini Top
Woman in tankini top standing outside of a wooden structure with a palm tree


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