Finding the perfect swimsuit for your body shape can be like trying to find the proverbial needle in the haystack. And, when you’re shopping for a tankini top, it can be even more challenging to find the right one for your body shape. Should the top fit like a full-length one-piece or is it more flattering for it to fit like an elongated bikini top? Is a halter or swimsuit with straps better? What swim bottoms are best with a tankini—boy shorts or bikini bottoms? And, should you do an underwire or not? There are a lot of questions when it comes to the best tankini swimsuit fit. But, here’s the thing: it doesn’t have to be that difficult. In fact, today we’re sharing a few key tips and tricks to find the perfect tankini top for your body shape. We’re sharing all the details on what a tankini is and how to buy the right one. Read on for more, my friend!

What is a tankini

Before we dive into finding the best fit, let’s level-set on what a tankini swimsuit is and isn’t. Developed in the late 1990’s, the tankini swimsuit style is only about thirty years old. It’s a much newer swimsuit style than a one-piece or a bikini. Originally developed by Anne Cole, the design was created to offer coverage more similar to that of a one-piece but with the functionality of a two-piece—where the entire thing didn’t need to be removed to use the toilet. The tankini style is also heralded as one of the more versatile swim tops for women—supporting sports and beach activities, and providing more options for women of all sizes including women who have had a mastectomy surgery. While most commonly known as a tankini, it’s also known as a monokini, halterkini, and even a ‘takini’.  

The traditional ‘takini’ or tankini is a tank-style swim top with almost full midsection coverage. The swimsuit usually covers right below the navel, leaving just a 1-2” sliver of tummy showing. And, the tankini top can be paired with everything from cheeky bikini bottoms to boy shorts, depending on coverage. The top can come with or without an underwire, and has many different tie options—from halter or self-tie styles to bandeau or traditional straps. It’s truly what we like to call the Miraclesuit of swimsuit tops! 

Woman in HAPARI Slimming Tankini Top in Cheetah Print and Black Swim Bottoms standing in front of an exotic location.


Benefits of a tankini

Now that we’re on the same page about what the tankini style is—and singing the praises of its original inventor, Anne Cole—it’s time to discuss the many benefits of a tankini swimsuit. Check out this deep dive into what makes a tankini tops in our book.

  • Coverage and support for all body types. First up, the tankini style suit provides added coverage and support for women of all body types. If you’re needing more midsection coverage but don’t want to wear a full one-piece, the tankini top is for you. With many tankini swim options that come with an underwire, you can have even more support up top if you prefer it. For women and moms, often added support and coverage are key to feeling comfortable and confident in a swimsuit.

  • Modest swimwear tops. Next up, for many women, wearing a two-piece bikini top and bikini bottoms isn’t a comfortable experience. Many women want a more modest option without having to wear a one-piece swimsuit. The tankini swimsuit is that middle choice—giving women more choice in their swimwear. And, with a consistently high customer rating, we know this style is what more and more women want!

  • Functional swimwear. Last but not least, a tankini style top is just more functional. You don’t need to take off an entire suit to use the restroom. You can mix and match bikini bottoms to give you more swimwear and bathing suit options. It’s a win-win! And, last but not least, with more fabric comes more sun coverage. It’s really that simple—the less your skin is exposed to direct sunlight the better. Tankinis provide more coverage than a standard two-piece bikini. 

Woman in HAPARI Luxe Tankini Top and White Swim Bottoms standing in front of an exotic location.

How to find the buy the right tankini top

The biggest questions we get asked are: how should a tankini top fit? How to buy the right size bathing suit? What should you look for in a tankini swimsuit? And how do you spot the difference in a tankini to know if it will be flattering or not? What we do is use a four-point test in recommending swimwear, it takes a look at: use, coverage, material and fit. If you find a swimsuit that can check all four of these boxes with your specific preferences in mind, then you will find a swimsuit that is flattering and perfect for you. 

  1. Use: How will you use your swimsuit?
    First up, you need to know how you plan to use your tankini swimsuit before knowing which one is right to buy. Wearing it for a competitive beach volleyball competition is very different than if you just plan to sunbathe by a pool. For the majority of women, finding a swimsuit that supports swimming and light activity is all you need. 

  2. Coverage: How much coverage do you want?
    Next up, how much coverage do you want? Are you someone who needs more tummy and midsection coverage? Do you want to try a bandeau style to show off your arms and shoulders? Or is a one-shoulder or version with straps a better option? Do you want to wear a bikini bottom or pair with shorts? Do you have a larger chest (DD-cup) and need underwire support? Knowing what type of coverage you want will help you determine the right tankini top for you.

  3. Material: Quality, quality, quality.
    Something we stress again and again is that the quality of fabric and the quality of construction of your swimwear makes a difference in how flattering a swimsuit is on your body. Stop and look at the average customer rating of a swimwear brand before purchasing. Always look for these things in terms of swimsuit fabric and material: is there UPF protection built into the fabric? Is the swimsuit made from eco-friendly and sustainable fabrics? Was it constructed in a fair and equitable way with fair working conditions? Does the swimsuit have what it states?

  4. Fit: Try it on and move around. Lastly, check the swimsuit fit by moving around in the swimsuit. Sit down, kick your legs out, extend your arms all the way up, bend over, do some jumping jacks, etc. Make sure you feel supported in it. Many swimsuit brands offer free shipping so you can try your swimsuit on at home and make sure the fit is completely right. 
Woman in HAPARI Bandeau Tankini Top in and Black Swim Bottoms standing in front of an exotic location.

Which tankini style is right for your body shape?

If you want a quick and easy guide for finding the best tankini style for your specific body shape, take a look at the quick reference guide below. 

Woman in HAPARI Luxe Tankini Top and Black Swim Bottoms standing in front of an exotic location.

HAPARI since 2004

Last but not least, we’ve added a moniker to our brand: ‘since 2004’. This represents quality, commitment, and trust in the HAPARI brand. We’ve been supporting and creating swimwear designed for women, by women, for nearly twenty years. And, we specialize in creating tankini swimsuits—from the slimming tankini to the high-neck tankini to the bandeau tankini—combining design and functionality, specifically for women and moms in their 30s, 40s, 50s and beyond, is our speciality and focus area. 

HAPARI has come a long way since 2004, when we were founded by moms who took issue with what the swimsuit industry had to offer. We believe women shouldn’t have to choose between the perfect style and the perfect fit. So, we decided to create a line of swimwear for women that was fashionable as well as flattering—a line of swimwear we would want to wear ourselves. Though a lot has changed at HAPARI since then, our commitment to providing stylish swimwear and clothing for all kinds of women hasn’t.

Shop now—and Buy One, Get One Free!

Now that you know all about tankini swimsuits and how to find the best fitting one, it’s time to shop! With new drops every week, be sure to check out the latest HAPARI collections to find a style that works for you. And, for a limited time score BOGO when you use code B1G1 at checkout. Better hurry, though, this deal won’t last long!

Ready for more lifestyle articles, product features, and healthy living tips? Check out the other articles in our HAPARI blog. We feature special product spotlights, healthy eating and fitness advice, and exclusive insider deals on our swimwear.
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