Although it may feel like we’ll be stuck in the doldrums of winter forever, Spring and warmer temperatures are just around the corner. In fact, the Spring equinox occurs on March 20th this year—which is just two weeks away! Now is the time to snag a new suit—or two or three—for your upcoming spring break trip. And, with our latest collection drop, which includes new prints in popular one-piece, tankini, and bikini styles, you’ll be sure to find the perfect new suit. To make it shoppable and easy for you, we’ve curated our top picks for the best swimwear for spring break 2023 below. Check it out!

Swimsuits for Spring Break

Before we dive into our picks for bathing suits for spring break, let’s first consider what to look for in a swimsuit. 

  • Quality, quality, quality: It can’t be said too much how important quality is in swimwear. If you want a swimsuit that maintains shape, offers the support and coverage you want, and can be worn for years, you need to make sure you’re buying a quality bathing suit made from quality fabric. 

  • Coverage and fit: Next up, think about what type of coverage and fit you want—and what styles complement your body shape. Some women prefer more modest styles with higher necklines and midsection coverage. Others prefer bikini options. Do you want to try a new style or print this year or stick with tried and true classics? Think through these questions as you're shopping for a new suit.

  • Adjustable features: Look for swimsuits that have adjustable features built in to create a personalized fit for your body. Features like adjustable straps, secret pockets to remove or add cup support, or drawstrings to adjust the length and fit of a swimsuit piece give you a variety of customizable options.

  • Current prints and designs: One of the most fun parts of swimsuit shopping is seeing how the new prints, colors, and designs look on you. Consider whether you want to go for a printed suit—like floral, gingham, or a geometric pattern—or a solid color. What colors look best on you? If you aren't sure, try a bunch on and see what you like!

  • Sustainable & ethical manufacturing: Last up, we encourage you to purchase swimwear that has an eco-friendly footprint and supports its makers with fair and equitable pay and safe working conditions. Where you spend your money matters!

Luckily, you can find all of these attributes in our HAPARI swimwear collections. From quality prints made with sustainable fabrics to adjustable features to on-trend prints and designs, our swimsuits are designed to ensure you can have the coverage and fit you want in a swimsuit. And remember, the best spring break swimmie to find is one that makes you feel comfortable, confident, and ready to rock the beach or pool! Now, check out the top picks for this year’s spring break swimsuits below.

Woman in HAPARI tankini and swim bottoms on a beach with the ocean behind her

Tankini and one-piece swimsuits for spring break

If you’re looking for a swimsuit with more coverage—think higher necklines, midsection coverage, and full bottom coverage—these tankini and one-piece swimsuit options are for you! 

  1. Reverie Luxe Tankini 
  2. Gingko High-Neck Strappy Tankini 
  3. Stars Long-Sleeve One Piece
  4. Blue Gingham Sport Tankini
  5. Reef Slimming Tankini Top
Woman in HAPARI tankini and swim bottoms on a beach with the ocean behind her

Bikini swimsuits for spring break

Next up, if you’re looking for a two-piece bikini style swimsuit, we’ve also got you covered! Check out the styles below.

  1. Reverie Twist Bikini Top
  2. Blue Gingham Moxie Bikini Top
  3. Shimmer High-Neck Bikini Top
Woman in HAPARI bikini and swim bottoms on a beach with the ocean behind her

Swim bottoms for spring break

Last but not least, below are our favorite swim bottoms for spring break, summer, and beyond! These swim bottoms will last you for years—and you can mix and match with an infinite number of swim tops. These swim bottoms are the perfect pairing with the tankini and bikini options above!

  1. Black High-Waisted Tummy Tuk Swimbottom
  2. Navy Boy Short Swim Bottoms
  3. White Regular Cheeky Swim Bottoms
  4. Black Drawstring Swim Skirt with Swim Bottoms
Woman in HAPARI moxie bikini and swim bottoms on a beach with the ocean behind her

Shop now—and Buy One, Get One Free!

Now that you know all about the best swimsuits for spring break 2023, don’t forget about our limited time Buy One, Get One Free sale to stock up and snag your favorites! Score BOGO when you use code B1G1 at checkout. Better hurry though, this deal won’t last long!

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