Woman Posing Wearing Hapari Plus Size Swimsuit

Society does a good job of teaching women they are unattractive. Or at least placing that notion in their mind. Many women feel ashamed of their size when they compare their bodies to the photoshopped images they see in glossy magazines, and when swimwear season rolls around, they would rather do anything besides squeeze in a lycra body suit that hugs and creates rolls.

We at Hapari recognize this constant struggle. But we also see a great movement occurring. While many in the fashion industry are still working to show skinny is the only way the more realistic perspective shines through occasionally. A great example of this is in the latest season of America's Top Model. While Kasia Pilewicz became the latest model to be eliminated she was the shining light for plus sizes every where as she represented them well. Many following the show have been known to say she is easily the most beautiful of the girls. This is one of the few examples out there where the worlds perspective is slowly changing.

Today there are so many more stylish options for plus size swimwear than there were in the past. It’s no surprise that more and more women are embracing their curves and showing them off to their best advantage. When you buy swimwear that is flattering and supportive, you can feel great in your skin—no matter the size on the tag.

What to Look for...

When selecting your swimsuit, no matter your size the following tips are always good practice.

Make the fit of the swimsuit your first priority (rather than the print), and you will have better success at feeling confident on the beach. Beauty comes when you wear something that fits, and while most designers want you to look at the print before the fit, you’ll find that there are many cute prints available in whatever swimsuit supports you best.

For plus size suits, consider the chest support, and find something that fits your needs. Typically you will want wider straps and underwire bra support rather than a shelf bra, especially if you are planning on doing anything active. You want a thicker, quality material that can help shape your body, instead of some of the cheaper swimsuits that only offer a thin layer between your skin and the world.

Look for a suit that offers you great fit, coverage, comfort and style. For a plus sized woman, many new cuts on the market are designed to give you just that. The selection of plus size suits is growing, and you don’t have to settle for something that looks like a tent. Browse this year’s selection of plus size swimwear to find the suit that can help you feel like the model you are. Show off your curves and feel confident when doing so—it’s possible with this year’s selection.

Take a look at our full selection of plus size swimwear to get started!

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